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If you are facing foreclosure of your home, repossession of your vehicles, seizures of assets and IRS wage garnishments, can stop such actions of creditors by filing for Chapter 13 protection if they meet the qualifications of having a regular source of income and the total amount of their debts are within the amounts of debt limitations of Chapter 13. On behalf of my clients my office will file a plan of reorganization involving monthly plan payments for a minimum of three years, but not more than five years. During the term of the Plan, your will pays any arrearages for secured property that are to be retained and non-dischargeable liabilities such as certain kinds of taxes.

Payments to the court-appointed Chapter 13 Trustee must begin within thirty (30) days of the petition date. The Chapter 13 Trustee distributes ninety percent (90%) or more of the funds to creditors pursuant to the terms of the Plan.  But it can be as low as 5%.  We always fight for our client to the the lowest play possible.

The Trustee retains the remaining between five (5%) to ten percent (10%) to cover his/her costs of operation. Usually, unsecured creditors receive less than full payment of their claims - sometimes very little or nothing. Automobile and truck loans can be modified to pay the lien holder only the value as of the date of the petition, plus reasonable interest over the plan-payment period. Santee Bankruptcy Attorney Services Santee 92071, Santee Bankruptcy 92072

The Chapter 13 debtor is entitled to receive a Discharge Order from the Bankruptcy Court upon completion of all payments of a Plan that has been confirmed by the Court. The Discharge Order releases the debtor from all claims of creditors provided for in the Plan or disallowed by the Court.  This is one of the protections under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


A creditor who received timely notice of the filing of the Chapter 13 petition, but failed to file a formal written claim may NOT thereafter bring or continue a legal action to collect the discharged debt.

Certain long-term obligations of a debtor are not, however, discharged by the filing or successful completion of a confirmed Chapter 13 Plan. Home mortgage payments are an example of this. The obligations of the debtor survive completion of the Plan. In other words, you have to pay the remaining balance on the debt. Home mortgage payments and vehicle payments when a debtor elects to retain such assets, alimony, child support, most student loans, debts arising from death or personal injury due to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs; and debts for restitution or for a criminal fine. 

Live near Santee? El Cajobn, Lakesidem Alpine Spring valley or anywhere in San Diego county. You don't have to travel to San Diego for an experience Bankruptcy attorney? Find out if bankruptcy is right for you.  Free chapter 7 or chapter 13 consultation. Attorney Casey. attorney for 25 year and and you don't have to pay for the overhead of a down town San Diego attorney. Personal service at a reasonable cost.

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Bankruptcy is a right granted under the federal law to protect and to help people like you.

  Bankruptcy Attorney Services for Santee 92071, Santee Bankruptcy 92072


A common Questions is: Will I be able to buy home or getting a new credit card after bankruptcy?  The answer is "yes" if you would qualify for it based on your income.

YOU  MAY HAVE HEARD HORROR STORIES FROM CREDITORS that if you file bankruptcy you will not be able to get credit or you will not be able to buy a home.

The credit card company or home lender must determine whether or not to lend to a person after filing bankruptcy.  What the banks consider when determining your risk status is your current status. As for a home, the most important factor that they will consider is your current debt to income ratio, in other words, how much outstanding debt you have relative to your income coming in.  If you are thinking about bankruptcy most likely you have a very high outstanding loan or high consumer accounts and probably would not qualify for a refinance or new loan. They want to make sure your mortgage payment is no greater than 30% of your gross monthly income. So letís put this in perspective, right now, calculate how much income compared to your monthly debt payments.

After filing bankruptcy you have no outstanding debt and cannot file for another eight years. In fact, you look like a much better candidate for credit card companies after filing bankruptcy. You even have the money to pay the credit card amount each month without any interest charges.

Thinking about buying a home after chapter 7 bankruptcy? Studies indicate that around 90% of individuals after filing bankruptcy receive solicitation from a lender actually indicating that they knew they had filed bankruptcy. So remember, credit is your ability to borrow money, and that may actually improve after filing bankruptcy. Certainly it will improve if you can put money aside to pay your bills, on time, after the bankruptcy and probably to put some money into a savings account.  Bankruptcy is a right granted under the federal law to protect and to help people like you.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Services for Santee 92071, Santee Bankruptcy 92072


The Law office of David A. Casey handles simple or very complex bankruptcy. My law office is hear to assist you in making your bankruptcy work under the bankruptcy cods. I will be with you each step of the way. The positive benefits of bankruptcy law can help.  Bankruptcy is like taking some medication for an infection. If you don't take it things will get worse.   Your welcome to contact other attorneys and to find one that you are comfortable with.   Don't just retain an attorney on fees.  Check what you are getting.  Don't be another number.    

This web site is intended for general information only and does make any inference that this constitutes a retainer for my services or that I  represent you. Any documents via the internet is considered in Pro Per.  However, due to the complexity of Bankruptcy, it is highly recommended that you retain an attorney so you can get the full protection under the Bankruptcy law.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Attorney Services for Santee 92071, Santee Bankruptcy 92072

Santee, California. Looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer without having to go downtown in San Diego?  My office is only a few minutes from Santee. My office is located next to two major freeways in El Cajon. I'm only minutes away from:  Santee, CA.  La Mesa, CA, Lemon Grove, Lakeside, Alpine, Rancho San Diego, Santee, El Cajon . My office also have on-site pubic notary when needed.

Bankruptcy Attorney Services for Santee 92071, Santee Bankruptcy 92072

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. 

Call 619  447-6780 We can help your debt problem go away and stop the credit card calls.

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 We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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